MATE 4165 Ecuaciones Diferenciales con Retraso

The course gives an introduction into delay differential equations which should enable participants to independent further study and work. Delay differential equations, sometimes also called retarded functional differential equations, are an old topic which goes back at least to Poisson (1806), but a systematic approach from a dynamical systems point of view has been developed only since the 1960ies. Delay differential equations have numerous applications from the life sciences to engineering and physics, wherever the evolution of a real world system in time involves not only instantaneous reactions but also time delays.


  • Modelar en aplicaciones de las ciencias y la ingeniería con ecuaciones diferenciales con retraso.
  • Resolver ecuaciones diferenciales elementales en los espacios adecuados y entender sus propiedades. 
  • Estudiar sistemáticamente la dinámica de ecuaciones diferenciales con retraso. 
  • Simular ecuaciones con retraso en el computador.

Idioma del curso: inglés.



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Idioma en el que se ofrece el curso