LENG 2118 Ingles 6 - Lenguas y Cultura

LENG2118 is the last of six integrated-skills English courses offered to undergraduate Lenguas y Cultura students. Similar to the first five courses in the program, the aim of this course is to improve students’ speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, along with the development of more advanced grammar and vocabulary. However, unlike previous levels, LENG2118 is not strictly focused on academic English. Instead, the course focuses on language that will serve students in settings outside of academia. This course is characterized by an alternating focus between the exploration of current events and the development of professional skills. Classes centered on current events are going to be less structured than traditional language classes, affording students and the professor the time and space to explore ideas, opinions, grammar and vocabulary as they emerge. These sessions will be materials-light and conversation-driven, and language will be taught and practiced as opportunities for learning emerge. On the other hand, classes devoted to the development of professional skills will be more structured. Through analysis and practice, students will develop their emailing and telephoning abilities and get experience writing a résumé and being interviewed for a job/internship in English.



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