CBCA 1067 Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education

In this CBU course we offer a broad perspective on education through a historical and biographical study of eight great education thinkers. These thinkers include Plato, Thomas Aquinas, John Calvin, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, John Dewey, Maria Montessori, Paulo Freire, and Salman Khan.

We will examine each thinker´s historical context, biography, and philosophical contributions to education. In each session we will also debate the relevance of their ideas to today´s educational debates.

Throughout the class we will address questions such as:

What should the purpose of education be?

How should education be structured?

What types of knowledge and what group´s knowledge does a particular curriculum sanction?

What should be the role of student, teacher, parents and community in teaching and learning?

How do different school systems affect the life chances of students?

What are the social and political functions of education?

How can schooling promote democracy and citizenship?

What should be the role of the state, markets, and society in education?

Students will construct their own philosophy of education based on the course progression and will apply that to propose an ideal school in 50 years-time.



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