LENG 2117 Advanced Effective Speaking

The Advanced Effective Speaking course is designed to promote student competence in oral and aural English. The course allows students to both develop and present content related to linguistic aspects relevant to learners of English as a second language as well as academic language specifically related to students’ experiences and knowledge. Specific instruction on prosodic features (intonation, thought groups and emphasis) through a blended learning approach will help students make their speech more natural, meaningful, interesting and comprehensible. Advanced Effective Speaking focuses on several key aspects of public speaking through speaking projects in different genres (monologues and dialogues). Special emphasis is placed on preparation strategies,developing confidence and fluency, establishing connection with the audience, as well as the importance of organization and concision with respect to expressing ideas. The course is based on the idea that being a strong speaker, especially a public speaker, requires focused practice, so “learning by doing” is emphasized. In order to be a successful public speaker, one must not only speak, but also listen well and be able to participate in interactive discussions; thus, students will receive explicit instruction of listening strategies and do extensive in-class and individual practice. In sum, students completing this 66.5 hour course display improved clarity, fluency and precision in prepared talks as well as spontaneous / improvisational speaking situations, and improved listening skills. Public speaking skills are enhanced due to improvements in organization, concision and confidence, leading students to realize that it is not only what one says, but how one says it. This concept is emphasized not only with respect to the aforementioned techniques but through related academic readings on linguistics and critical discussion about sociocultural themes surrounding language learning and use.



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