LENG 2116 Advanced Effective Writing

AER will explore and apply concepts from discourse analysis and corpus linguistics research for the study of Academic Writing. Students are expected to discuss, understand, and put into practice these concepts and other suggested strategies, supporting the development of personally relevant academic writing projects. Specific text types to be developed within the course may include the writing of the in-class academic writing tasks and personal interest academic papers. This course is open to undergraduate students who have already completed (or been exempted from) the required undergraduate English courses at Universidad de los Andes, as well as former students of Universidad de los Andes or continuing education students with an undergraduate degree and a level of English equivalent to B2 of the Common European Framework (CEF). This course has been designed to help participants achieve the advanced level of academic writing required for both acceptance into and success within master’s level graduate programs in English-medium universities outside of Colombia. This course addresses the following questions:
● What are the most typical writing genres in English-speaking academic settings?
● What are the rhetorical, grammatical, and stylistic characteristics of these genres?
● What are typical non-standard/problematic language usages made by English language learners (ELLs) when writing academic English genres?
● What can ELLs do to overcome the difficulties of writing academic genres in English?



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