GEOC 3401 Biogeochemistry (Inglés)

What is biogeochemistry, biomarkers. Looking to the Rocks: Molecular Clues to the Origin of Life. From the Moon to Mars: The Search for Extraterrestrial Life. Black Gold: An Alchemist’s Guide to Petroleum. Deep Sea Mud: Biomarker Clues to Ancient Climates. Lake sediments and ancient climates. Continental biomarker records. More Molecules, More Mud, and the Isotopic Dimension: Ancient Environments Revealed. Microbiologists (Finally) Climb on Board. Weird Molecules, Inconceivable Microbes, and Unlikely. Environmental Proxies: Marine Ecology Revised. Molecular Paleontology and Biochemical Evolution. Early Life Revisited. Biomarkers in modern settings (biology). BIomarkers in modern settings (ecology).



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