GEOC 3140 Data Analysis for Geosciences

Curso electivo para cubrir requisito GEOC-3XXX

Introduction and presentation of course, projects, evaluation, deliverables. Sampling theory and complex numbers. Smith Coding applications: (re)sampling data series, Aliasing, Nyquist frequency, frequency response of a seismometer. Introduction to coding in Matlab. Coding applications: unwrapping, time shift calculation of xcorr. Smith Fourier transform and filters. Stein Complex numbers 2 and the phase of a signal. Coding applications: signal analysis, central lobe and leakage, windows, NFFT Project. Other spectral analysis techniques and time-frequency analysis. Coding applications: continuous wavelet transform, synchrosqueezing, autoregressive techniques. Stein Convolution and correlation. Statistics, PCA and SVD. Coding applications: climate data analysis, bone length and species in paleontology. Coding applications: synthetic seismograms, similarity of signals. Measure uncertainties. Coding applications: GPS data influence on gravity measures. Interpolation. Coding applications: interpolation of even-uneven signals/grids. Becker Finite-difference modeling. Coding applications: pore pressure diffusion or seismic wave propagation Project. 24 Coding applications: cost function, best-fit measures and least squares. Other spectral analysis techniques and time-frequency analysis. Interpolation. Inversion. Finite-difference modeling. Coding applications: boundaries.



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