CPOL 2247 Politics of the Global South

This course seeks to offer a comprehensive introduction to some of the key theoretical and conceptual issues and debates that have become central to the study of politics in the global south. It proceeds from the notion that that human development outcomes must be understood in relation to the broader social, political, economic and historical contexts within which they are produced. 

The course is thus divided into two sections. The first section of the course discusses the evolution of the major theoretical approaches that have attempted to explain the social, economic and political experiences of the countries of the global south. The course then moves on to a more focused examination of some of the key concepts and debates involved in the analysis of domestic political processes.

Over the course of the term, it is my hope that students will not only become familiarized with the key issues and theories in both the historical and contemporary study of development politics, but will also be able to develop the skills to critically engage with the material on offer.



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