Option in Mathematics


The fundamental objective of the Option is to provide the student the opportunity to complete their mathematics knowledge in areas that interest you most, in order to: a) Having a strong background in mathematics, b) Harness and better understand areas of your career having a mathematical background, c) Succeeding in graduate programs that require a good mathematics education.

Program Structure

The option consists of 16 to 18 credits and its structure is quite flexible. It consists of three mandatory courses (7 credits) and three elective courses (9 credits) in Mathematics electives, focusing on their area of interest.


Cursos Obligatorios

MATE-1010Seminario de Matemáticas


MATE-1102Matemática Estructural


MATE-2101Algebra Abstracta I


MATE-2201Análisis I


Cursos Electivos

No mandatory subject in the student's career may be used to complete the courses of Option.

Further information:

Contact: Stefano Ferri

Contact Position: Coordinador de Pregrado Departamento de Matemáticas

Contact e-mail: pregrado_matematicas@uniandes.edu.co

Liaison at the School or Department