LENG-1703 Portugues 3

This theoretical-practical class, in Portuguese 3, is intended to follow up the concepts learned in the previous levels and more complex lexical-grammatical structures will be introduced, which imply a higher level of difficulty. Students start working with a more formal language, mainly in the written part (understanding and performance). As to the oral part, the student will be encouraged to act under all contexts. They keep working in colloquial Portuguese during every class, mostly with songs, group projects, sketches, among others. Continuing with the preparation for the test on Portuguese knowledge (CELPEBRAS), there is extensive work with specific texts such as letters, e-mails, invitations, brochures, as well as other texts with a higher level of language complexity . The student will have more practical experience through role plays during the course. This is also valid for the oral part. The program encourages discussion and debate about specific social-cultural and historical subjects common or not to our cultures, through movies, documentaries, songs, magazines, books, among others, looking for a true cultural exchange and an improvement in the oral and written performances.



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