IIND-4403 Teoria de la Decision

In this course students develop skills and abilities in their capability to analyze, structure and solve problems of decision making under risk and uncertainty, taking into account one or multiple decision criteria. In particular, as a result of the course the student must be able to: 

1) Identify and structuring a strategic type in a company decision problem and designing a methodology to solve it, using decision models appropriate to do so. 

2) Identify situations in which can make use of some of the appropriate methodologies for analysis of decision under uncertainty, with an emphasis on the importance of using structured methodologies and tools appropriate to support rational decision making in organizations. 

3) Build models for the analysis of decisions that involve risk and uncertainty.

4) Usecomputational tools best known in the field of decision analysis, which should be applied in home works, and in the development of their final project of the course.



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