IIND-3312 Emprendimiento e Innovacion en Ingenieria

The objetives of the course are:

• Contribute to the fulfillment of the main functions of the University: research, train integral people who recognize the ethical implications of their decisions, putting at the service of the community to which their professional knowledge belongs, developing projects in areas of entrepreneurship and innovation in engineering . 

• The formulation of projects (prototypes of products or services) will be supported, which will seek to support the creation of new companies, develop innovative projects or solutions in an existing company or solve any problem related to social, economic or environmental issues , applying the knowledge of Engineering.

• Offer a space for reflection to the student to integrate the different knowledge that he has acquired during his career, around the formulation of a project, specifically the design of a prototype and business model that solves a problem or takes advantage of an opportunity identified in the context. The aim is that the course contributes to the personal fulfillment of the student and contributes to the social and economic development of Colombia, with criteria of entrepreneurship and innovation for sustainable development.

• Promote work and collaborative learning in interdisciplinary groups, likewise seek, among others, to stimulate creative thinking, the application of negotiation tools, in which students apply knowledge of their career in the different stages of the identification process. creative process for the proposed solution, evaluation of alternatives, prototype design and business model.



Periodo en el que se ofrece el curso


Idioma en el que se ofrece el curso