IIND-3301 Sistemas Publicos

The purpose of the course is to educate professionals to be better trained and informed citizens, and so that as industrial engineers, they can venture into public problem analysis in a thorough, serious and agile manner. To achieve this goal, it is suggested to become acquainted with the origin, evolution and role of the Democratic State in the world, reflect on what should be the functions and responsibilities of the public and private sectors in an industry, become familiar with trends of the government size in Colombia, reflect on the major problems of Colombia and the role the government may or should play in their solution, discuss specific institutional analysis and development experiences in the public sector through conferences led by individuals well versed on the different topics.

The course follows an active learning approach that combines weekly readings, weekly lectures by former or present practitioners, much writing, and active student participation on a model republic formed by the students. We focus on issues of political economy and modern right and left ideologies, and try to find lessons to devise better Colombian public policies regarding economic development, poverty reduction and equity.



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