ECON-4615 Economic History Experimental Workshop

The purpose of this course is to introduce undergraduate and graduate students of the Economy School or from similar professions to the use of historical sources to rebuild databases and analyze phenomena pertaining to the economic, social and cultural situation of the Colombian and Latin American history between the XVI and XIX centuries. Students may select research objects based on production units or on the accounts of the Royal Treasury or the National Treasury (XIX Century) to rebuild, at local, regional or national level, in the light of tax values, internal markets, import and export operations, public administration salaries, metal remittances, nature of tobacco monopolies, card games or aguardiente, among others. They may also opt to rebuild problems related to property, population, internal and external debt, economic costs of the Independence War and the civil wars of the XIX Century, social indicators or agriculture production trends or other basic sectors of regional economies.




Tovar Pinzon Hermes