Multimedia Creation Specialization

Degree Specialist in Multimedia Creation
Level Specialization
Duration Two (2) semesters
Number of credits 21
Class Schedule Night
Modality On-Campus Learning
SNIES Code 7026



Educate specialists who are knowledgeable and have command of the various methodologies and technologies, to be able to propose, evaluate, lead and/or participate in interactive projects for the web and other support media. This goes hand in hand with a reflection on audiovisual construction, on the narrative of interactive multimedia, on its contents, and on the possible uses and their social impact.

  • Develop mechanisms to maximize the creative qualities of each participant through the use of digital tools and their integration in interactive multimedia projects.
  • Provide a holistic vision of interactive multimedia and study their relation with those sectors where its critical and responsible development is possible, analyzing and reflecting on its impact within the Colombian and international context.
  • Develop criteria to search for new forms of interactive expression, from the creation-technology relation.
  • Communicate the technological aspects, their management, possibilities and limitations, from technology of hardware, software and creative development perspectives.

Study Plan

The Specialization has duration of one academic year, equivalent to approximately 34 weeks, under a part-time modality, without considering the leveling course.

The leveling course, for those who require it, is taken before beginning the specialization. The specialization courses are developed in 4 modules lasting eight (8) weeks each. Each module comprises three courses / workshops, except for the last module, which requires two courses and the project.

Research or Concentration Areas

Areas of Research:

  • Physical and graphic interfaces
  • Non-linear and interactive narratives
  • Methodologies for planning and production of interactive projects
  • Interactive Art on the web and on other support media
  • Digital Image and Sound on the web and on other support media.

Model Program

First Semester

Module 1

CMUL-5105El Arte Interactivo


CMUL-5205Medios Computacionales


CMUL-5305Creación, Narrativa y Tecnología


Total Credit Hours:5

Module 2





CMUL-5207Herramientas e Interfaces I


Total Credit Hours:5

Second Semester

Module 3

CMUL-5206Construcción de Interactivos




CMUL-5208Herramientas e Interfaces II


Total Credit Hours:5

Module 4

CMUL-5306Actualidades y Virtualidades


CMUL-5307Mercadeo y Legislacion




Total Credit Hours:6

Alumni Profile

Graduates will be qualified to:

  • Propose and produce interactive media under various support platforms, using and integrating digital tools.
  • Explore and produce new forms of interactive expression from the creation-technology relation, integrating various knowledge disciplines.
  • Become acquainted with technological aspects, their management, possibilities and limitations, from the viewpoint of the technology of hardware, software, and creative development.
  • Be part of interdisciplinary work teams engaged in interactive digital production.