LENG-3124B Short Story Masterpieces

In the name of its structure and shortness, short stories provide a field of action that is very appropriate to discuss and study a language, if compared to any other literary style of fiction. Therefore, they may be particularly appropriate for studying English as a second language at an advanced level. So through the study of masterpieces of short stories written in English, this course not only provides participants with the opportunity to develop their own style as writers, by carefully analyzing the English used by renowned short story authors around the world. Short Story Masterpieces: Guidelines for Reading and Writing about Fiction also aims to help participants gain confidence in their interpretation skills, in addition to bringing them face to face with the challenge of thinking in a critical, autonomous manner about what they are reading, and developing analytical and argumentative skills that will enable them to present and defend their ideas in the most appropriate manner when speaking and writing in the English language.




Quintana Mejia Camilo