LENG-1702 Portugues 2

By way of theoretic-practical classes, this course offers the study of the different linguistic skills of the Portuguese language. It provides students with in depth knowledge of certain lexico-grammatical structures that will enable them to develop a productive (oral and written expression) as well as receptive (oral and written comprehension) communicative attitude in different linguistic contexts. Now, departing from the everyday topics, students are exposed and required to act using a much more formal language or, all the opposite, know how to express themselves using casual language, always with a social purpose, in order to provide the language learning process with continuity and prepare them to face and adapt to the different situations that arise on a daily basis. In addition, they continue to work specifically on the automation of the phonemes learned in the previous level, striving to improve their pronunciation and fluency in oral expression. On essential aspect that is stressed during class is student socialization. Group activities such as projects, dialogs, presentations, etc. are important tools to encourage integration and provide students with the possibility to work with the four linguistic skills in real communication contexts. Another priority is to continue to prepare for the Celpebras Exam, using specific activities to do so. Carrying on with cultural exchange, the course continues to present situations of Brazilian life, culture and history.  



Periodo en el que se ofrece el curso