IBIO-2102L Quantitative Physiology for Biomedical Engineering II

This course provides students with basic knowledge on human physiology, taking into account mechanisms of regulation and homeostasis, as well as the physiological and pathophysiological characteristics of each of the body’s main organ systems. It is divided into two parts covering different organ systems: Quantitative Physiology I covers cellular physiology and the nervous, muscular, and endocrine systems, while Quantitative Physiology II includes the cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary, and digestive systems. Each module begins with an overview of the particular system’s anatomy, followed by a discussion of the basic physical processes related to physiological function, allowing students to acquire abilities for the quantification of different physiological processes. Students will be able to apply and reinforce this theoretical knowledge in the laboratory and complementary class sessions. This course is mandatory for the Biomedical Engineering program.

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