CISO-1626B Contemporaneous theories on social sciences

This is an introductory course to Social Sciences that allow students to study the main conceptions of society and its different approaches, as well as the main debates of present-day social theory, from the liberal, Marxist, structuralist, functionalist, post-structuralist, rational and institutionalist, among many other. It seeks to create the political and sociological criteria in the students to analyze the political phenomenon. This will be conducted through a series of debates on social theory and modern politics. The debate goes around the confrontation of three important trends: a) the trend that regards social phenomenon as the product of structural relations, b) the trend that considers them to be the result of beliefs, preferences, actions and choices made by individuals, and c) the trend that intends to integrate the elements from the two aforementioned trends. We will also study whether the debate should be focused on social sciences, or whether the social order is necessary or not, or whether social dynamics means integration or conflict.