CISO-1403B History and Philosophy of Science

This course deals with the science as a fashion of knowledge, its main philosophical problems and its implications in the development of present-day society. Within these problems, it emphasizes of the issues related to the origin, nature and the role of the so-called social sciences as a fashion of human knowledge. All these issues are studied by integrating the contributions of philosophy, history and sociology, as well as other important disciplines, without overlooking al the critical aspects of science and scientific culture, we offer a more balanced version of this social phenomenon, where its contributions may not be underestimated. Our University pursues to depict science and its history as a very particular social production that plays an important role in modern world, by acknowledging its role in the making of this fashion of society. A true study of these affirmations must place the analyses within the social and cultural contexts that allow for the development of the scientific know-how.




Barrero Guzman Tomas