RHID-5111 Network Hydraulics

Areas Pipeline Hydraulics, Reynolds Experiment. Friction Losses. Length of fluid blending and interaction - solid wall. Pipeline design equations: Hagen - Poiseuille, Darcy - Weisbach. Nikuradse and Moody Diagrams.Prandtl - von Kármán and Colebrook - White Equations. Simple pipeline design. Pumps on simple pipelines. Design of piping systems: tandem and parallel piping. Pumps on piping systems. Open networks and matrix networks. Network Hydraulics: Description of a potable water distribution network. Parts and components of a distribution network. Basic equations for hydraulic calculations of distribution networks: mass and energy conservation equations. Network calculation methods: Hardy - Cross, Newton - Rhapson, Linear Theory Gradient. Optimized network design. Quality of water in distribution networks. Storage and compensation tanks.




Saldarriaga Valderra Juan