MUSI-1813 Técnica Alexander I

This course will improve the use and function of the body in terms of posture and activities. We talk about use and function, sensory appreciation, primary control, inhibition, orders, and global and partial movement. The student will develop conscious self-control that will improve the quality of body use applied to movement, voice, and breathing. It will restore the reliability of sensory appreciation to be able to evaluate the results of a conscious control process. The Alexander Technique teaches that in the human being there is a "primary control" that control the body’s energy and actions through the head and spinal column. Thus it is effectively a control mechanism for posture and movement. Considering that contemporary sedentary life leads to a deterioration in postural energy, the Alexander Technique procures, through a conscious procedure of self-observation, inhibition, and orders, to recover primary control as the basis for body use.




Rosemberg Robert