ICYA-4809 Transporte Interurbano de Carga

The objective of this course is to present participants with a vision about inter urban freight transportation, concentrated in Colombia. General aspects connected to the role assigned to transportation within different development plans, the transportation plans and guidelines developed in the Country, the institutional framework, the role of the private sector, and topics such as operation conditions and perspectives towards the future in each of the models will be studied. The general methodology for project evaluation with emphasis in the application of NPV and IRR, including the guidelines of social evaluation of transportation projects will be reviewed. Different means of transportation (roads, fluvial, trains, ports, airports, and intermodal transportation) will be analyzed, pointing out infrastructure weaknesses and strengths, as well as different analysis and construction and maintenance costs evaluation, vehicular operation costs and their relationship with freight and fees for each mode. Existing operational norms and regulations.




Ospina German