IBIO-2099 Quantitative Physiology for Biomedical Engineering I

This course provides basic knowledge of human physiology, emphasizing mechanisms of regulation, control, and homeostasis, as well as the physiological characteristics and main pathophysiologies in the main systems of the human body. Throughout the course, the basic concepts regarding cellular physiology and the nervous, muscular, cardiovascular and respiratory systems will be covered. Each module studies fundamental aspects of each system through a theoretical approach, involving the use of engineering tools such as modeling and simulation. These class sessions will be followed by a laboratory session focused on the anatomy and basic physical principles related to the given system's physiological functions. In this course, students are expected to be able to follow the theoretical sessions after reading the assigned lectures.



Periodo en el que se ofrece el curso

201810 - 201820

Idioma en el que se ofrece el curso