LENG-1105 Ingles V

During the second cycle, students perfect skills in the productive abilities of language, which are oral and written expression, which enables them to meet the demands of the academic contexts in which they have to use English as a foreign language. The second cycle includes the courses English 4, English 5 and English 6. This is the second course of the skills cycle in the English program as academic support. It places emphasis on writing academic texts to raise students’ awareness of the process of writing and editing texts. Students use grammar, giving priority to aspects relating to effective communication of texts such as essays, reports and letters. They also acquire an awareness of their own text editing and writing process, which enables them to work independently and improve their writing skills. The skill of writing and editing texts is practiced by studying and analyzing American culture, cultural representations and other underlying aspects, such as values and beliefs. The course also works on the comprehension of the realities of living that culture and constantly refers to Colombian culture.  




Soto Quintero Cristina