IGEN-1101A Technology and Society

This course actively presents the core theoretical elements relevant to technology studies. The concepts included in the program allowed analyzing the role of human and non-human agents in technological development. The participants are involved in a simulation of a socio-technical dispute in the Colombian context. This course provides the student with an approach to studying the links between technological change and social construction within the Colombian context. The course can be categorized as belonging to the academic field internationally known as Science, Technology and Society (STS) devoted to the study of social, political, economic and cultural dimensions of technology. It is given by professors of the Technology and Society Group– http://tecnologiaysociedad.uniandes.edu.co -  made up by the Schools of Engineering, Social Sciences and the CIDER. The program includes a general theoretical component developed through a practical methodology, based on the simulation of socio-technical disputes related to Colombian technological systems. The objectives of this course are: approaching the theoretical currents dealing with the study of technological change processes and society building, knowing the organization, current situations and tensions involved in the dynamics of change in two Colombian technological systems, developing a critical capacity with respect to the analysis, design and construction of technological systems within the Colombian background.