DERE-1115 Teatro y Derecho

The role of the lawyer and the role of the actor are strikingly similar: Their job is basically demonstrating that a certain situation is real. They both resort to their knowledge, instincts, senses, body and voice to convince an audience, to demonstrate that they hold the truth. The study of Law requires knowledge and self-control, at physical, psychic and emotional level. Bearing this in mind, relaxation, self-confidence, coordination, vocalization, enunciation and stage confidence, which are typical theatric skills, but are directly related to the training of a good lawyer. Thus, this course aims at promoting imagination to develop improvisation skills, in any situation of work and daily life, to improve speaking and body language abilities when addressing an audience, in order to convey confidence and credibility, to develop memory and improvisation skills and self-control when working with a recently-learned text, to strengthen the ability to command over a topic presented to an audience, to analyze and interpret theatrical scenes related to Law, create scenes and characters, to simulate audiences and/or trials, based on renowned cases, in short, to make theater a fundamental and representative part of the School of Law in the University.




Carvajal Carvajal Ivan