DERE-1102 Logica y Retorica

One of the essential elements in training of any professional is the consolidation of a mental structure that allows him to abstract, put forward and elaborate on arguments with clarity and precision. The first step in reaching this goal is gaining knowledge and practical tools from formal logic and Argumentation Theory (especially legal argumentation). These basic elements are offered to students in this course. Thus, the course aims at providing students with theoretical and methodological tools that allow them to abstract and develop sound and correct arguments according to the principles of classical logic and the argumentation theory. Similarly, students will familiarize themselves with strategies to identify errors in argumentation and ways to correct them. The course is developed based on active methodologies where student participation is crucial. Students will have the opportunity to prepare both oral and written arguments on specific issues, but emphasizing the development of oral expression.




Amaya Gonzalez Renata