DENI-5703 Operaciones y Contratos Internacionales

This module conducts a particular study of the most relevant international contracts. In particular, it analyzes the international purchase and sale at a distance and international cooperation agreements such as franchises, licensing, agencies, joint ventures, transport and insurance contracts.   On another note, it provides notions of the financial sector as the fundamental channel to facilitate international trade operations. In order to do so, it delves into the role of the banking establishment and the development of Colombian legislation in instruments such as: letters of credit, bank bonds, guarantees and collections.   Finally, explores the characteristics of the business carried out over the internet and the legal and practical problems arising therefrom. This course consists of the following six subjects: 1. International or Distance Purchase and Sale 2. International cooperation agreements. 3. International Transport - sea, air and multimodal. 4. Insurance in the international context. 5. Payment means and instruments. . 6. E-business.