DDER-6101 Teoria Juridica 1

The seminar examines three ways to understand the relation between law and power in the different legal branches, within the historical framework of the 16th to 19th century. In the first model, law appears as a tool to restrict or control power, either because it represents a reasoning opposed to irrationality of violence, or because it reflects agreements that must be complied with. In the second model, law is seen as an administration tool through which a group seeks to modify the current conditions. The third model becomes a reflection of the power relations that emerge within or outside the legal realm. The discussion takes place in the context of a European continent that has become a center of production of knowledge, which  is globalized through different colonial projects, while witnessing the configuration of national states. In theory, this tension is most strongly unraveled in the national consolidation processes that followed the independence of American states.  




Jaramillo Sierra Isabel