Chemistry Option


The Chemistry Option provides students of the Universidad de los Andes with the fundamental concepts to understand Chemistry related processes. Therefore, the Option aims at complementing the academic training of students by providing them with theoretic as well as experimental tools that may be useful for their professional development.


The following are the objectives of the Chemistry Option:

  • Play a role in solid training in Chemistry for students of the Universidad de Los Andes
  • Provide students from other programs of the University with basic knowledge for them to be able to tackle Chemistry related problems in the typical processes of their discipline.
  • Apply the knowledge acquired for a higher level of understanding of the phenomena and processes involving Chemistry.
  • Contribute to their performance in graduate programs that require proper training in Chemistry

Program Structure

The Option program contemplates taking at least 16 credits distributed as follows: Two mandatory courses with their laboratory and three or four elective courses offered by the Department of Chemistry.


Cursos Obligatorios

QUIM-1210Química Inorgánica I


QUIM-1211Laboratorio de Química Inorganica I


QUIM-1310Química Orgánica I


QUIM-1311Laboratorio de Química Orgánica I


QUIM-1510Fisicoquímica I


QUIM-1511Laboratorio de Fisicoquímica I


QUIM-2620Química Analítica I


QUIM-2621Laboratorio de Química Analítica I


Cursos Electivos

QUIM-2624Extracción - Separación


QUIM-2625Laboratorio de Extracción - Separación






QUIM-3402Laboratorio de Bioquimica


The requirement for students to be accepted in this Option is to have taken any of the following courses: Introduction to Chemistry and Experimental Chemistry or General Chemistry and General Chemistry Laboratory or Chemistry and Chemistry Laboratory. The courses of this Option cannot be mandatory courses or elective courses from the student’s program of study. Students who have taken courses in the Department of Chemistry may apply to have them approved as equivalents of the mandatory courses; however, they will not count as Option courses. Among the elective courses, there may be others from the Chemistry program that can be used to complement the Option, provided they meet the corresponding prerequisites or have special authorization from the professor in charge of the course and the Option Counselor. The elective courses offered by the Department of Chemistry vary from one semester to another. Students may take one of the CBU given by the Department of Chemistry as an Option course.

Further information:

Contacto: Carolina Lizarazo C

Cargo Contacto: Coordinador Académico Administrativo, Departamento de Química

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