Astronomy Option


The content of this Option is designed to familiarize students with the modern scientific view of the Universe. It is not limited to describing cosmic phenomena, but rather seeks a true understanding thereof. Delving into the topics and techniques of modern astronomy requires basic training in Physics and Mathematics. Therefore, the Astronomy Option is aimed particularly at students from the schools of Science, Engineering and Medicine. Students from other programs of study will have access to the option provided they pass the minimum prerequisites.


The objectives of this Option are to:

  • Provide students with the chance to complement their program of studies by delving into an area of modern science.
  • Raise or stimulate students’ interest in science and, in particular, the study of the Universe.
  • Direct students’ interest toward productive activity framed within a scientific perspective.
  • Prepare interested students for possible future studies in astronomy.

Program Structure

The Astronomy Option has two systems of study known as Alternative 1 and Alternative 2. The first is designed for students whose program of study has a considerable mathematical and physical content and the second is designed for students whose program has less content in these areas. Both alternatives consist of 17 credits. ALTERNATIVE 1: For students of Physics, Electrical Engineering and Electronic Engineering.

Students in this group must take four mandatory courses (12 credits), two seminars (2 credits) and one elective course (3 credits). ALTERNATIVE 2: For students from all other programs of study. Students in this group must take five mandatory courses (15 credits)and two seminars (2 credits).

Alternative 1 Descripcion Objectivos

Program Structure

Cursos Obligatorios

FISI-1048Modern Physics


FISI-1049Laboratory of Moder Physics


FISI-1907BPlanet Astronomy


FISI-1908BGalactic Astronomy


FISI-3901Seminar on Astronomy and Astrophysics


FISI-3902Seminar II - Astronomy and Astrophysics


Cursos Electivos

FISI-2350Atomic and Molecular Physics






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