IT Engineering: Information Security Specialization

Degree Specialist in Information Security
Level Specialization
Duration Three (3) semesters
Number of credits 32
Class Schedule Friday afternoon, Saturday all day
Modality On-Campus Learning
SNIES Code 51726


To provide an in-depth education to professionals with different profiles (Director of Safety, Security Officer, Safety Engineer, Auditor/Researcher) on the various topics dealing with Information Security. These professionals should be able to apply their knowledge within the organization and also in the society in order to secure information systems – whether based on hardcopies or automatic calculations–, by using proper technology, adding real value to the business and with rational risk managament criteria.

Our students and alumnus will adapt, develop and disseminate throughout Colombia the best worldwide practices and international trends in Information Security topics.

Study Plan

The curriculum of the Specialization Course is organized around three major topics of Information Security: Technology, Legal Aspects and Business. These three topics encompass eight self-content courses, organized along the three academic terms.

Research or Concentration areas

  • Cryptographic Engineering
  • Formal Models
  • Safe Development of applications
  • Continuity Planning
  • Forensic Information Technology
  • Physical safety
  • Safety Management

Model Program

First Semester

SAFE-5101Host Security


SAFE-5102Network Security


SAFE-5103Security Models and Standards


Total Credit Hours:6

Second Semester

SAFE-5201Sciences Evaluation


SAFE-5202Cryptographic Engineering


SAFE-5203Information Security Administration and Management


Total Credit Hours:6

Third Semester

SAFE-5301Legal Aspects and Forensic Informatics


SAFE-5302Final Seminar


Total Credit Hours:4

Alumni Profile

Three potential profiles are available:

  • Security Officer: ensures safe planning and operations throughout the organization,
  • Safety engineer: prepares the detailed information about safe operations in a specific aspect of the organization
  • Auditor / researcher: audits the operation and/or verifies compliance with applicable regulations