Industrial Engineering: Telecommunications Company Management Specialization

Degree Specialist in Telecommunications Company Management
Level Specialization
Duration One (1) year
Number of credits 22
Class Schedule Day
Modality On-Campus Learning
SNIES Code 5062


  • Create a thinking space and generate new knowledge that enables the exploration of feasible alternatives and the search of adequate solutions according to our reality.
  • Educate professionals so as to manage important telecommunication projects.
  • Work jointly between Universidad de Los Andes and the participant´s companies in the identification of problems and selection of innovative teaching methods that contribute to find solutions.
  • Study technological innovation management within the company.
  • Analyze financial and organizational factors of telecommunication companies.
  • Study the new regulatory scheme for public utilities and its effect on the costs and service quality.

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Study Plan

The specialization is divided in three semesters. Regarding the content, the program consists of: Areas of marketing and finance, organizations and law, technological and integrating.

Participants must develop since the fourth cycle, a graduation project that involves, in a harmonious way, the mentioned areas and solves an organization´s concrete issue.

This project will be the means to enhance knowledge related to said topic and will serve as an education tool for future promotions.

Area of marketing and finance.

Marketing and finance of technological services in telecommunications, are two of the highest projection topics in the country and the world. To take advantage of the rising opportunities, companies involved in the sector, must improve their knowledge about market, finances, competition and current and future consumers. The area´s courses seek to introduce students to the above mentioned topics and apply them to telecommunications companies.

Area of Organizations and Law.

The diagnosis of the needs and priorities of a company from the telecommunications sector requires a concept vision of the organization and its processes. Likewise, it requires knowledge about Law aspects that might be useful to implement decisions and policies established by the company.

Technological Area. Technology understood as a set that includes machines, tools and products plus knowledge, people and organizational cultures; it is known as a key factor so companies can obtain competitive advantages, essential in the current world economic environment. Said environment, characterized by dramatic developments of new technological resources and usage of new management philosophies, makes it necessary to create a cognitive basis that enables the incorporation of technology to the organizations at an strategic and operational level, at business, sector and national scales.

Area of integrating courses.

One of the critical areas of the company is building a real corporate business and functional strategy in each of its critical areas. This requires an integrating capacity and the ability to consider the information at all levels of the organization. It is also necessary to have diagnosis, action, decision making and negotiation skills both inside as well as outside of the organization.

Research or concentration areas

Marketing and financial area

  • Marketing Management
  • Telecommunications Marketing
  • Financial Management

Area of Organizations and Law

  • Management Skills I
  • Institutional Framework of Telecommunication Companies
  • Law as an instrument within the Telecommunications Companies
  • Organizational change
  • Managerial Skills II

Technological area

  • Industrial Organization
  • Regulation
  • Technological Innovation
  • Project Management
  • Company´s Internationalization

Area of Integrating Courses

  • Business Strategy
  • Final Project
  • Telecommunications Seminar

Model Program

First Semester

GTEL-5103Telecommunications Marketing Management


GTEL-5205Law and Telecommunications


GTEL-5305Organization and Regulations in Telecommunications


Total Credit Hours:9


GTEL-5401Telecommunications Seminar


GTEL-5400Corporate Strategy


GTEL-5307Teoría de la Decisión


Total Credit Hours:3

Second Semester

GTEL-5102Financial Management


GTEL-5206Management Skills


GTEL-5402Final Assignment


GTEL-5306Gerencia del Conocimiento




Total Credit Hours:9

Alumni Profile

El programa cuenta con 364 egresados que han formado parte de once promociones. Tras hacer una evaluación de la Especialización, todos ellos han emitido un concepto excelente de los estudios realizados.

At the end of the specialization, participants are supposed to have improved their managerial capacity for decision making so as to achieve:

  • Skills to propose business strategies taking into account, not only characteristics of the company and the sector in Colombia, but also global telecommunication realities.
  • Capacity to handle the risk concept in the international capital markets so as to finance projects with a high degree of technological risk.
  • Skills to include technological innovation services within company´s growth plans. This expects a solid knowledge in marketing of new products.
  • Generate knowledge of regulatory laws about telecommunication services issued by the Colombian Government and their implications on the company´s management and its alliances with international companies.
  • Knowledge regarding the way in which new services may change intimacy protection of citizens.
  • Expert in negotiation of company´s agreements and education of new technological companies. It is important to highlight that the excellent evaluation of the Specialization on behalf of alumni proofs the high quality and importance of the program.