Engineering: Integrated Environment Management Specialization

Degree Specialist in Integrated Environment Management
Level Specialization
Duration 18 months
Number of credits 20
Class Schedule Day
Modality On-Campus Learning
SNIES Code 2854


The Specialization in Integrated Environmental Management seeks to train professionals to work in the following areas:

  • Definition of environmental priorities at local, regional or national levels.
  • Definition of needs for surveys and works for environmental protection.
  • Development of environmental control programs.
  • Environmental impact assessments.
  • Direction of Environmental Management Programs.
  • Presentation and management of environmental problems in industries before the State institutions dealing with environmental control.

Study Plan

The specialization is divided into five (5) cycles. Each cycle as a value of four (4) credits. Four (4) modules of 20 hours each will be studied during the first four cycles. In the fifth cycle, the student must pursue two (2) modules apart from the Final Graduation Project. All modules are compulsory.

Research or Concentration Areas

  • Environmental Sciences
  • Environmental health and pollution
  • Environmental impact
  • Environment in Colombia


  • Environmental control
  • Definition of environmental priorities
  • Conduction of works for environmental protection
  • Environmental impact assessment

Model Program

The program lasts one and a half years and consists of five cycles which are listed below:

MAMB-5101Economic Theory for Projects


MAMB-5102Environmental Sciences


MAMB-5103Health and Pollution


MAMB-5104Environment and Region


MAMB-5105Environmental Impact and Policy


Total Credit Hours:20

Alumni Profile

This program is aimed at professionals that perform a professional activity related to environmental quality control with a degree in the areas of Engineering or Basic Sciences. Eventually, professionals of other disciplines may be admitted when the importance of the program for their professional practice is demonstrated. It is highly recommendable to have at least two years of proven experience, supported by recommendation letters.