PERI-5104 The news

Objectives: to provide the students with tools that allow them to identify the elements that make the facts interesting as news and how to present them to the public following the criteria applied in the writing of news. Practicing honest and complete journalism that allows them to write useful stories for the people. Methodology: workshop on writing office. Contests: Features of the role journalist. How is a newspaper done. The parts of information. Familiarization with the journalist lingo. Where do stories come from and how to get them. Elements to assess information: novelty, unlikelihood, closeness on time, empathy and interest for the public. How to conduct reporting, the distance from the sources, manipulations and how to prevent them. Types of journalism, differences between information and opinion. Structure of the news: the lead, the body, the context and final part. Journalist resources: Pretitle, title, summary, intertitle, caption.




Duque Salazar Ana