MUSI-3504 Composing with Complementary Means

In this course, the student will conduct at least 2 projects on compositions in genres complementary to each sub-area, in this case students of composition (Acoustic-instrumental) 1-4, the complementary genre is electro acoustic and therefore, the projects, exercises and topics to be dealt with must me focused from and towards the problem of electro acoustic composition. Likewise, we will apply elements of approach to languages and composing techniques of the XX century in a practical manner, aiming to conducting the concepts on a creative and personalized fashion, open to proposals given by the student but, with strict technical and composition related patterns bearing in mind the electro acoustic mean. In this course we also enter into a dialectic process through the analysis, discussion and confrontation with the student and his/her thought, thus widening the perspectives of aesthetic understanding. For such reason, we must raise the awareness on the aesthetic techniques and thoughts related to the creative processes on electro acoustic composing. We include an electro acoustic repertoire from XX and XXI centuries.




Lozano Mancera Santiago