MEDI-1307 Microbiology

The social and economic impact of infectious illnesses on living beings has made microbiology one of the most studied fields in sciences, including medical sciences. Microbiology covers areas such as bacteriology, virology, mycology, parasitology and medical entomology, among others. This area not only attempts to classify, identify, determine pathogenesis, survival mechanisms, diagnostic tests and treatment of agents recognized historically as the cause of illnesses, re-emerging agents, but also the new agents transmitted to man. Since it is geographically located in the tropics, Colombia is a country with a high infectious disease rate. It is therefore the duty of physicians to learn the microbial agents in their different aspects for diagnosis and treatment. Similarly, thanks to globalization (commercialization of products and continuous trips between countries and continents), it is important to learn the infectious agents that circulate around the world due to the presence of epidemics such as those we are dealing with today.




Chiriboga Carlos