LITE-4107 Problems of Ethics and Aesthetics

The place of individual and otherness, as well as their relationship with everything (social or cultural) constitutes a concern for numerous theorists from different disciplines such as literary theory, philosophy, historiography and, in general, humanities and social sciences. The possibility or impossibility to reconcile individual with everything, and the challenges posed for the notion of justice, are also fundamental topics in different literary texts. The objective of this course is to study theoretic texts from different disciplines related to said problem, as well as their ethical and aesthetic implications. In addition, a few literary texts will be included in the discussion to enrich the dialog. The authors to be studied include Jacques Derrida, Walter Benjamin, Emmanuel Levinas, Hannah Arendt, Giorgio Agamben, Paul de Man, Gershom Scholem, Theodor Adorno, Franz Kafka and Primo Levi.