LENG-1623 Italian Carnival Traditions

To talk about The Carnival, or even better, the Italian Carnivals, means to take the students to the core of the Mediterranean culture, made up of history, legends, folk traditions that are transmitted from one generation to the next. In its initial stage, the course will focus on historical and social reasons that allowed the Carnival to acquire its well known features and to survive to this date. The second part of the course will be focused on the finding of legends and folk traditions from several regions in Italy that have justified through centuries the use of masks, customs and allegoric cars. Talks will focus on the most popular carnivals such as Aci Reale, Putignano, Ivrea, Viareggio, Venezia among others. In the third and last part, the students will have the opportunity to make masks and to finish the course with a practical assessment.