LENG-1427B Language Contemporaneous Japanese Film

The Western world discovered Japanese film by means of three directors whose work is a part of the masterpieces of universal film. Ozu Yasujiroo, Mizoguchi Kenji, and Kurosawa Akira. The three directors and the historic situation of their work immerse students in a deep cultural and social experience that could be considered all-embracing and unrepeatable. The transition of an order that had disappeared along with modernization before the first half of last century to another order that began to emerge in the beginning of the second half of the century can be seen in each of them. In Ozu, you can see the autumn of the Japanese family, in Mizoguchi, the passage of the beauties of realism to the reality of beauty, in Kurosawa, the search for a superman in the setting of humanity. The camera and the stories told by the three directors not only show us a far away culture that ceased to exist, but also to notice the dimensions of our own problems.