ISIS-4506 Data Architecture

It comprises one of the four (4) compulsory subjects. If this course is not taken as a compulsory subject, it would also be valid for the sub area of Information Engineering as well as Distributed Systems and Networks. One of the challenges posed for any company would be to offer proper, appropriate and reliable information to a different array of actors that participate within the company, such as: shareholders, clients, suppliers, executives, employees, etc. Its information systems should be flexible in order to withstand new requirements and business strategies. The conception and development of such systems of information involve several connected dimensions: business, data, applications and technology. In this context, we are referring to management architectures, which also are formed by more specific types of architectures, such as: business architecture, data architecture, application architecture and technology architecture. This course is aimed to study the aspects related to data and information, in a context of business architectures, stressing the service of data management.