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GEOC-2038L GEOC 2038L



- GEOC-2040

- GEOC-2041

GEOC-2045 GEOC 2045

Stratigraphy and sedimentology, the Earth’s surface systems, facies and the sequence of events. Sedimentary rock classification and nomenclature. Sources of sediments, weathering and erosion, fluid flows transport and deposition. Sedimentary grains and sedimentary structures. Sedimentary facies and environments: glacial, fluvioglacial, fluvial and lacustrine. Aeolian environments and palaeosols. Shallow marine environments: shores, coasts, deltas and estuaries. Carbonate environments. Deep ocean environments. Correlation: lithostratightrapy, biostratigraphy, magnitostratigraphy. Sea-level change and sequence stratigraphy. Provenence. Diagenesis: siliclastics and carbonates. Sedimentary basins. Petroleum systems.



GEOC-2046 GEOC 2046

Sediments and sedimentation. Sedimentary rocks and classification. Sediment transport. Geological map of Colombia. Facies interpretation: Terrestrial. Facies interpretation (i): Nearshore. Facies interpretation (ii): Carbonates. Facies interpretation (iii): Deep marine. Correlation. Sequence stratigraphy. Provenance. Sandstone diagenesis. Carbonate diagenesis. Subsurface stratigraphy.



- GEOC-2048

Palaeontology and the major groups of fossils. Fossils, fossilization and biostratigraphy. Biominerals, morphology, biomechanics and functional morphology. Taphonomy: biostratinomy, diagenesis, completeness and time averaging. Palaeobiology, palaeoecology and palaeoenvironment. Palaeoclimate and palaeobiogeography. Evolution. Evolution, speciation and dispersal. Extinction, mass extinction, phylogeny and cladistics. Cladistics and palaeontological data analysis. Precambrian and early Cambrian life. Invasion of land: plants and animals. Life on land: dinosaurs and the cycle of life. Fossils and economics, summary and overview.

- GEOC-2049

Introduction to fossils. Modes of preservation. Recording data and reconstruction of 3-D morphology. Biominerals and taphonomy. Functional morphololgy. Palaeonenvironmental reconstruction. Reconstructing ancient ecologies. Trace fossils and determination of water depth. Cladistics: data collection. Cladistics: data analysis. Organisms through time: diversification, evolution and extinction. Morphometric analysis. Precambrian life. Plants, wood and ancient ecologies. Stratigraphic palaeontology.

- GEOC-2057