FILO-4215 Hermenéutica de la Facticidad

Hermeneutics of facticity starts from the interpretive status in which factical life is found. Greek conceptuality was coined in the midst of experiences which have no longer been available to us for quite some time. The philosophy which appropriates itself of the actual state of affairs through interpretation is forced to dismount the inherited interpretive state, because that of which we couldn’t originally interpret we don’t know how to safeguard in its originality. The dismounting and the return to the original sources can only be achieved if "there is a concrete interpretation of the Aristotelian philosophy available, oriented towards the facticity program, that is, towards a radical anthropological phenomenology". The horizon of Aristotelian ontology is the world which appears in the treatment of production and in the use of the produced objects, theoretical knowledge and praxis in which we must "have to do with beings which may be in a different manner".




Gutierrez Aleman Carlos