FILO-3250 Lógica de Hegel

In this course, some selected texts of the Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences’ so-called ‘Small Logic’ are examined, which will be sought to be clarified in the light of the ‘Big Logic’. If we consider the Hegelian Logic as a new ‘Transcendental Deduction of the Categories’, in Hegel’s way, the course will focus in trying to determine the main articulations of these categories, divided, as they are, into Being Categories, Essence Categories, and Concept Categories. This leads to distinguish between an Objective Logic, which spans the first two parts, and a Subjective Logic, which deals with the Logic of the Concept. It must not be forgotten that it was Logic, or what is logic, which Hegel developed with most care, and where we find a great part of the keys to understand his thought.




Diaz Jorge