FILO-1204B Primeros Filósofos y Poetas de Grecia

This course pretends to be an introduction to the first thinkers and poets of Greece, during the period known as the Archaic Age. Its departure point will be the intellectual transformation which took place during this period, and from which arise some of the fundamental pillars of Western thought. Although this change is normally associated with the group of thinkers known as the Presocratics, the revolution which took place in these centuries is also the work of the poets and minstrels of the Archaic Age. The reason for widening the list of names responsible for this transformation has its ground in the fact that such a change did not limit itself to widening human knowledge but also to transforming man itself. Or, in other words, the revolution did not only consist of widening the object of investigation, but also of transforming the investigating subject. It is, then, an innovation in a very broad ambit, and it is plausible to assume that it was carried out not just by philosophers, but also by all those who helped transform what it meant to be human and its environment, including, of course, poets.




Ariza Rodriguez Sergio