CBIO-4309 Topics of Marine ecology

Topics of Marine ecology is a course that aims at providing recent and advanced knowledge in three main areas: molecular ecology, marine preservation, and coral reefs, depending on the areas of specialization of the professors of the course. Tropical marine ecosystems, e.g., coral reefs, sea grass, mangroves and estuaries, are the most diverse, complex and productive ecosystems in the sea. Ironically, they are also the most endangered ecosystems on Earth. The different perspectives in marine ecology, from any sub-area, must deal with this problem and seek new alternatives of thinking and research aiming at a better understanding of the current dynamics of these ecosystems. The first stage of the course dwells on ten issues, divided in the three main areas of the course. A considerable percentage of the course evaluation will consist of writing a paper for a science journal about an issue defined by the professors of the course. Each student will select one out of the 10 focus topics to be developed throughout the semester. By mid-term, students will participate in a field trip to the Caribbean Sea.




Sanchez Mu?Oz Juan