ARTE-3101 Body Drawing

This course attempts to think and do painting "outside" the format, as opposed to illusionist painting, confined to existing "inside" the rectangular format. Illusionist painting is based on a fundamental misunderstanding: exceeding the physical conditions of the elements that create the illusion: support, tool, procedure, pigment, scale and context. This misunderstanding sinks its roots deeply in the western tradition up to around 1850, and justifies it. Only by breaking away from this illusionist tradition will we understand the pictorial as a high speed exchange of signs, like pictorial semiotics that do not necessarily depend on the plane to manifest themselves. To manage an investment of values that will take material and semiological pictorial elements into account, we will go through four moments or circumstances that reveal the passage from inside the format to the invasion of pictorial elements in the vital space in which living beings move about: Window Painting, New/Bought Painting, Used/Found Painting and Automatic Painting.