Education Masters Degree Program

Degree Master of Education
Level Magister
Duration Four (4) semester
Number of credits 36
Class Schedule Afternoon (most courses 5 to 8pm)
Modality On-Campus Learning
SNIES Code 11188


  • Offer a professional option to applicants from any discipline who want to become professors in any area, level or teaching modality, training them for the design of effective, participatory, critical and reflexive environments.
  • Qualify the professional activity of those who are already professors or education administrators, through a permanent process of systematic reflection about their disciplinary knowledge and practices, which will benefit the design of effective learning environments and the permanent search of improvement thereof through investigation.
  • Prepare researchers, consultants, advisors and policy makers in education, who are known for their complex understanding of the teaching phenomena and for their concerns relative to improving quality, not only from a technical standpoint, but also in relation with their humanistic, democratic and social justice character.

To achieve these Objectives, the Masters Degree Program students will participate, in permanent interaction with professors and peers, in the following processes:

  • Permanent discussion and integration of theoretical knowledge and its applications and relations with pedagogical and organizational issues;
  • Analysis of practices and pedagogical and organizational means in view of the ideas that support them;
  • Use of internet technology in all courses, to thus extend interaction with professors and peers beyond on-campus sessions;
  • Permanent reflection about own learning processes;
  • Application of own knowledge to pedagogical, organizational and research design;
  • Implementation of own pedagogical, organizational and research designs, and their permanent socialization, criticism and evaluation.

Study Plan

Total Credit Hours: 36

Investigation or Minor Areas

The Masters Degree Program offers five concentration areas:

  • Pedagogy
  • Management of Educational Institutions
  • Education for Bilingualism
  • Education in Mathematics, Science and Technology (MCT for the Spanish)
  • Information and Communication Technologies (TIC for the Spanish) and Education

Model Program

First Semester

EDUC-4017Curriculum and Pedagogy


Total Credit Hours:8

Second Semester

EDUC-4018Seminar on Research I


Total Credit Hours:8

Third Semester

EDUC-4206Dissertation I


EDUC-4205Research Seminar II


Total Credit Hours:10

Fourth Semester

EDUC-4207Dissertation II


Total Credit Hours:10

Alumni Profile

  • Professors and investigators in education, at all levels (primary, high school, college) as well as in formal and informal educational areas.
  • Persons who hold executive and management positions in education or government institutions.
  • Consultants or investigators in education.